The World’s Best Built Chairs - Factory Tour

Final Assembly

Chairtex's unique assembly methods and techniques allow us to maintain control of your order from start to finish. Our scheduling system ensures your order is assembled in time for your grand opening or important function.

Final Quality Control

Chairtex's stringent quality controls and world class standards are maintained through the final assembly process. Each chair must pass the multi-point inspection by our rigorous inspectors before leaving our factory. Any chairs that don't meet the standards are rejected and replaced prior to shipping.


Chairtex partners with leading carriers to ensure the highest level of safety and satisfaction. Our innovative packaging and delivery methods minimize damage and ensure your chairs arrive in perfect condition and on time. We only consider our orders complete when our customers are completely satisfied.

The Happy Customer Call

This is our favorite part of the order process!  It’s where you tell us how much everyone loves the chairs, how comfortable they are, and what a great experience it was to order chairs from Chairtex.