High Strength Steel Tubing
Chairtex's chair frames are produced to exacting standards. We start by using only the highest quality precision welded high strength steel tubing that exceeds the toughest ISO 9000 quality standards.

Mandrel Tube Bending

Chairtex uses Mandrel Tube Bending Techniques to give your tubing the strongest, most secure and attractive bends possible, not crush-bending techniques that weaken the bend and result in large unattractive indents in square tubing, which highlight the bend's weaknesses.

Robotic Mig Frame Welding

Chairtex's frames are backed by the longest and most comprehensive Warranty in the industry. With our oldest frames having been in use for almost 45 years - you can be confident about the quality we build into our chairs. We engineer our frames to be the most durable and secure solution to meet your needs. Heavy duty Robotic Mig-welding connects the tubular components into a durable unitized frame.

Powder Coated Frame Finish

All powder coatings are not created equal. To achieve the highest quality finish you need two things. First, you need a clean frame - the cleaner the frame, the better the adhesion of the powder to the frame. Chairtex's state of the art powder system contains a 3-phase cleaning process that ensures your selected finish will stand up to much use and abuse. Second, you need the highest quality powders available today - not low cost imports.

Frame Testing and Quality Assurance

Chairtex's frames undergo rigorous frame testing to ensure the highest level of quality available in stackable seating. Static load tests on the seat and on the legs. Back stress test to ensure leg frame and back frame maintain integrity. Saltwater frame finish test to prove the highest quality finishes.

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