Foam Fabrication

Chairtex allows only the highest quality contract / commercial grade foams in all its seating. Chairtex uses high-density 2.2 lb virgin polyurethane foam on most of its seats. Also available is Chairtex's exclusive Dual Density OptiFoamTM seat construction, which is made from a bottom layer of very dense 4.0 lb foam and topped off with a plush layer of 2.2 lb foam. This seat construction is standard on the Infinity Collection and optional on other collections.

Foam Resiliency

Foam density is considered the most important indicator of overall foam quality. Cheap, low-density 1.5 lb foam will not remain resilient for very long. In fact it will lose almost half of its resiliency in the first year and eventually leaving you sitting on the wood of the chair. Chairtex's contract grade 2.2 lb foam was formulated to be the highest quality foam available in the seating industry. The resulting seats are both extremely durable and comfortable.

Fabric Quality Control

Chairtex partners with leading fabric mills supplying only the highest quality commercial and contract fabrics. These mills employ some of the most stringent quality control systems in use today.


Chairtex combines the highest quality foams and upholsters them with contract grade fabrics to create the premium quality seats and backs that Chairtex's seating is renowned for. Craftsmanship is evident from the sewing detail to the upholstery design.

Fabric Durability and Testing

Chairtex only offers fabrics that are classed as commercial / contract grade. Our standard fabrics achieve abrasion test results as high as 250,000 double rubs without showing signs of wear. Fabrics are also tested for colorfastness through exposure to light. Our fabrics also pass the puncture test by allowing the puncture hole to be rubbed away.

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