The Infinity Collection wins both Platinum and Silver ADEX Design Awards.

The standard seat width is 20 inches wide.  It is also available in 22 inches wide.

Hassle Free Warranty

Need more room?

Maintenance Free!

Back Shape

ErgoMax(TM) Lumbar

Our unique T-Lock fasteners eliminate screws loosening from your seats and backs by increasing the steel on steel contact area.  This revolutionary fastening system is truly maintenance free.

The full back design with its shaped corners are tailored to provide an elegant visual effect that draws its contours from classic furniture forms.

Chairtex's exclusive ErgoMax(TM) Triple-Foam Back Support System provides optimum upper back support, additional lumbar support and superior lower back cushioning.

Dual-Density OptiFoam

Protects your seating investment by optimizing the combination of an upper 2.2 lb. foam for comfort and a 4.0 lb. foundation layer foam for durability; forming the most comfortable cushion on the market.

Sewn Seat Sides

Distinctively tailored lock-stitch sewing provides continuity by eliminating the spaces between seats when the chairs are ganged together as a pew.

180 Degree Waterfall

Multi-Ply Wood Seat

Designer Fabrics

The rolled waterfall front seat cushions the legs and increases seating comfort. By eliminating the cross tube from digging in to the backs of your legs we have improved leg circulation when sitting for extended periods.

The only way to ensure trouble free service is with Chairtex's 1/2" thick Multi-Ply(TM) wood seat and back support system. The structural cross-linked design of the wood veneers provide the ultimate comfort and durability.

Customize your chairs with hundreds of designer fabrics. Standard 16 oz. Polyolefin fabric, tested to 250,000 double rubs, with Lifetime Warranty. Other contract fabrics from 30,000 double rubs also available.


Worry free frame design starts with 1 inch, 16 gauge 1010 cold rolled high tensile carbon steel certified to ISO 9001 quality standards and supported by our Lifetime Structural Warranty.  The result is a frame that’s 33% thicker and almost 40% stronger than other frames.

Mandrel Tube Bends

Mandrel bending technology reinforces the outer walls of the tube during the bending process thereby maintaining the tube's structural integrity.

Fusion Frame

Frame Finish

BigFoot(TM) Glides

5/8 inch square, 16 gauge 1010 cold rolled high tensile carbon steel tubing that is certified to ISO 9001 quality standards maintains frame integrity.

Ultra-durable and eco-friendly epoxy powder coatings are thermally fused to the frame at over 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Saltwater tested to over 1000 hours.

Extra-large surface area glides made from non corrosive, high impact polymers are designed to reduce pressure exerted on floors by 87%. They feature our exclusive snag-free wrap-around bumper protection.


Stacking: Stacks 6-8 high for easy moving and 8-10 high for convenient storage.


Height: 34"

Width: 23"  (25”)

Seat Height: 18.5"

Chair Depth: 24.25"

Back Pitch: 18 degrees

Weight: 23.9 lbs.


The Good Steward

Rigorous testing ensures that the Trinity Collection exceeds stringent BIFMA Standards. You can be sure that only Chairtex designs seating to last for decades

- Save the environment. It is 99% Recyclable.

- Save our natural resources. Seats and backs made from 100% renewable resources from managed forests.

- Help eliminate harmful greenhouse gasses.  No components are sourced from overseas.

Rear Bookrack

Under-seat rear access bookracks provide convenient and easy to clean storage that has enough room to hold two large books. This configuration is ideal for the majority of the seating in your sanctuary. The bookracks can be fitted with an optional easy access communion cup holder.

Front/Rear Bookrack

Under-seat front and rear access bookrack is ideal for the seating in the front row of the sanctuary as well as for choir seating. The bookracks can be fitted with an optional easy access communion cup holder.

Cup Holder

Card Pocket

Book Pocket

A communion cup holder is available on chairs that do not need a book rack. It is welded to the rear leg stretcher and is designed for easy access.

The standard card pocket dimension is 5” wide and is available on all Infinity models. Card pockets can come with an additional pencil holder as an option. Twin card pockets and full width pockets are also possible.

The book pocket is sewn with a heavy duty elastic retainer and is flexible enough to snugly hold two medium sized books and hymnals.


Kneelers are heavily cushioned for comfort and durability and come in two configurations.
Stand alone kneelers tuck under the chair when not in use. (shown)
Fold-up kneelers are attached to the rear legs and fold conveniently under the seat. (not shown)

Pew Ends

Pew ends may be added to the end of a row to achieve a beautiful aisle appearance. Pew Ends are upholstered in fabric to match your chairs. Wood arm caps come standard in in a variety of finishes. Custom wood finishes are also available.

Theatre Inserts

Ganging Interlocks

Chair Cart

Chairtex's Patent Pending Theatre Arm Inserts provide the feeling of fixed seating while reaping the benefits of flexible seating and at a fraction of the cost of fixed seating. They are upholstered in fabric to match your chairs. Wood arm caps come standard in in a variety of finishes. Custom wood finishes are also available.

Chairtex’s exclusive low profile Pew Ganging keeps the chairs tightly together to form a straight line pew while maintaining a low profile appearance.

Radius Loop Ganging joins the front legs of the chair together allowing the backs of the chairs to be moved apart. (not shown)

Standard Chair carts move chairs in stacks of 8.

The Infinity 755 blends comfort and value in this incredibly durable design.  From its highly desirable rolled waterfall seat design that comes standard with Dual-Density OptiFoam to its ErgoMax Triple-Foam Back Support System that integrates an additional lumbar support for unmatched comfort, this chair is built to exceed your expectations.  When you find out that it comes in below budget, you’ll be amazed to know that it’s built right here with zero imported components.  Now that’s value.

The Infinity's Lifetime Frame Warranty and 25 Year Seat/Back Warranty is the most comprehensive warranty available. This ensures that you are getting the best possible chairs ever made.

Model 755